Chapter 263 – Belonging to Each other

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 263 – Belonging to Each other

After a short kiss, Amane accompanied Mahiru into the bedroom.

Mahiru had visited the bedroom a few times already, but she was still a little tense, and her hand holding Amane’s was a little tighter.

In turn, Amane smiled as he gently stroked his fingers over her palm to get her to relax, and held it as he led her onto the bed.

So Mahiru sat on the bed, shivering away, looking embarrassed, resembling a rabbit who was to be eaten by a wolf.

Once he saw how adorable she was, he sheathed back the fangs that were about to be exposed at his prey, sat next to her, and patted her head to coax her.

He said he would not do anything, but she was still nervous, probably because it was the bedroom.

“I’m not going to eat you. Didn’t I say that I’ll have you as a dakimakura today?”

“I-is that so?”

“…Are you looking forward to it?”

“No-not at all! It-it is just that, Amane-kun, you…”


“…You look so composed, and so manly. I-it feels embarrassing. Y-you meanie.”

So Mahiru fidgeted and shriveled as she looked up at Amane, looking awkward. Amane thought to himself that he did well on the surface, and smiled.

Truly, he might look composed, but inside, he was not. Rather, he could not be composed simply because he understood her somewhat.

He only remained composed, for he knew that if he was too anxious, he would terrify Mahiru. Also, he felt that if he panicked, he would not be manly at all.

“I told you before that I’m not exactly the most composed. I just want to show you my cool so, so I didn’t look that way.”

“So will you show it to me if I say I want to have a look?”



“It’s embarrassing to be blushing and stammering.”

It was five months since they started dating, and if he was to blush whenever thy kissed or petted each other, that would be too embarrassing.

Amane felt that a female would rather he was a reliable person, and that it would be better if Mahiru could be calmed down like this. However, she cautiously pinched the hem of his shirt.

“…I want to see you as you are Amane-kun. Please take it as my willfulness, please?”

She asked softly and uneasily. Amane put his hands on his face, and sighed.

It seemed his bravado was unnecessary.

“…Look, I’m acting cool in front of you because I like you. Please understand.”

So Amane embraced Mahiru and pulled her to his side, his forehead on her shoulder. She froze for a moment, and one could hear a soft giggle.

“You are always cute and cool.”

“No need for the cute part.”

“Fufu…I have gained lots then, since I saw both sides to you.”

Her joyous words left Amane unable to speak. He turned her onto the bed, trying to hide his embarrassment, it seemed.

He did it carefully to minimize the impact, and the most he did was to shake her. He did not consider however the shock to Mahiru’s heart, and his action had her blinking furiously in shock.

Shame finally won after Mahiru kept staring at him, so he embraced her tightly, and buried his face into her large lumps.

The feeling of the lumps were warm, fluffy and very soft, probably because of the bunny pajamas. The sweet refreshing fragrance of hers was wonderful beyond words.

Amane might be excited if the vibe Mahiru had was the imagination she was worried yet expectant for, but as she was completely relaxed, he had no real desire to do anything more, and merely sank his body and mind into the comfort and bliss.

Mahiru tensed up, but once she saw that Amane did not do anything, she started patting his head. It felt good.

“You really like to fawn today too.”

“…Can’t I do that?”

“Yes yes.”

Mahiru probably saw that he was embarrassed, and gently let out a delighted giggle

“You really are bold today, Amane-kun.”

“I just want to touch you more today.”

“That is fine, but well…it feels normal. Actually, well…I thought you would be more direct.”

“No well, I like to touch, and want to know you more, but then again, I feel fulfilled just experiencing your body warmth when I’m next to you.”

He lifted his face from the valley, and then embraced her slender body in his clutches.

Amane never really intended to do what Mahiru imagined, and if that happened every time they stayed over, his sanity would reach his limits. She would accept whatever he did with such overbearing cuteness, and he was scared that he would slowly inch towards the endless desire.

However, he really did not intend to do anything on this day.

Even boys would not be thinking  of doing such things all the time, for living together peacefully with their beloved women would be enough happiness.

The satisfaction of the flesh might be quite lacking compared to the direct contact the last time, but the mental satisfaction far surpassed that.

The woman he loved to the point of swearing his future with was leaning next to him, her eyes filled with trust and love.

What else could bring about more solace, bliss and satisfaction?

Mahiru showed a fluffy smile, as though agreeing that she was happy to simply be touched by Amane, and clung onto his chest.

“…I too feel happy to have you by my side, Amane-kun.”

“That’s good.  It’ll be unfair if I’m the only one. This happiness comes far too easy.”

“I too get happy easily when I am next to you, Amane-kun? Your presence next to me is all I need, but…”


“I feel happier to touch you.”

Once she made such a cute statement, Mahiru looked up at Amane, pleading with her expression.

“You want to touch? Not to say that you can’t, but I don’t think a guy’s body feels good.”

“Really? I do like those who do not have much muscle…the belly feels taut when I touch it.”

Once she was allowed to, she gingerly stroked her fingers across Amane’s chest and abdomen.

He wondered that Kido’s influence was definitely at work, and the ticklish feeling had him wriggling. She was so happy though, so he decided to dote on her and laugh it off

“I think the muscle training paid off. Can’t say I’m  a beansprout now.”

“I think it is fine. A little firm, not too much excess flesh. You seem sturdier compared to before.”

“…Don’t mention about the past. I was so weak back then.”

Mahiru’s recollection of the past had Amane embarrassed.

His muscles were sturdy at this point, but back then, he had quite the unreliable looking back.

He did not have much excess flesh, but that was because he was skinny to begin with, a complete weakling. It was a complete difference from being called healthy. Thinking back about it, Amane really wanted to punch his old self and rally himself together.

Mahiru seemed to prefer Amane’s current body, and he felt that his hard work had paid off. After some training, the trendy clothes would suit him. It seemed his decision to be a worthy match for Mahiru was not for naught.

“Fufu, but you were really boyish back then. When you carried me, I thought you were a different, starting from the bones.”

“Well, yeah…you’re small and really bony, Mahiru.”

His hard work had allowed him to carry Mahiru’s taut yet soft body. That aside, she was smaller, or in other words, she was just small all over.

“…Small I may be, but I am sturdier than you imagine, no, Amane-kun?”

“That’s small too. I think it’s fine if I can just touch you gently. Otherwise I’ll break you.”

“You never used that much strength before. How can I snap?”

“But even then…I should treasure the ones important to me, and pay more attention to her.”

Amane wanted to be a fine gentleman to Mahiru, as much as he could. He wanted to treasure, accompany and protect her for the rest of his life, and this would mean he needed to be more careful than usual, for fear of hurting her.

He knew he was overly protective, but Mahiru was still a feeble female, whose strength and tautness was inferior to that of a male’s, and Amane should pay more attention in this regard.

He knew that Mahiru did not wish to be coddled, and wanted to respect her free will, while giving her the gentleness she wanted. Also, he would never do anything to make her cry.

He made it his life goal to ensure her happiness, and muttered so at her ear. Once she heard that, her face turned redder than Amane’s “Th-thank you very much…” so she whispered.

“…It is your birthday, Amane-kun, but I feel that my desires are being satisfied.”

“No, I’m satisfied too, you know? The day just passed.”

Mahiru had satisfied Amane greatly, especially his feelings, and she really did not worry.

Also, before she knew it, the day was over. The birthday had just passed.

It probably was due to them forgetting the time, cuddling and kiss on the sofa and the bed, for the birthday passed, yet he felt unbridled joy.

“Really…I-I wanted to fulfill more of our wishes, Amane-kun.”

“Time really passed quickly. Don’t think whatever I say now can be fulfilled.”

“Anyway, what do you want to say?”

“…I want a kiss from you before we sleep, Mahiru.”

They kissed back then, but that was Amane kissing Mahiru. The latter, the more flustered of the duo, would hardly take the initiative to do so. She preferred to do so on the lips, but her shame so prevented her from taking that step.

And so, since it was his birthday, he suggested to Mahiru that he wanted her to kiss him, an embarrassing preposition to be heard by anyone else.

Of course, he knew it was out of character of him, and she looked troubled and dumbfounded for some reason.

“…You really have no desire, Amane-kun. I thought you would have asked for something more important.”

“I’m satisfied enough. What more do I want? I have my lover celebrating my birthday next to me, giving me warmth. This is enough. Not that I don’t have desires, just that they are already fulfilled.”

“…Then I am very greedy.”


Greedy was not a word Amane would particularly associate with Mahiru, but she nodded with a serious look, and her eyebrows drooped.

“I feel lonely whenever you go to work, Amane-kun, and I always yearn for you to return sooner. I was also worried if you will attract other women, Amane-kun. I always think that you are dashing, so what will happen if you are popular with the women. I do not want to disturb your decision, and I am not worried that you will cheat on me, but I do feel uneasy. I do wonder if you will leave me.”

Even though I do not wish to disturb you, Amane-kun, Mahiru pinned her face onto Amane’s chest, and muttered so.

“I do not want you to leave me. I want you to touch me more. I want you to always, always, be by my side…I think I may be too greedy after all.”

Once Mahiru expressed her true thoughts, Amane had the urge to smile.

Every single sentence showed how much she loved and treasured him. She wished to be by his side forward, and that was how much she was fond of him.

That was truly a lovers’ providence.

Mahiru described her possessiveness as greedy. Amane smiled, and embraced her somewhat firmly.

“…Maybe my love is more than yours, Mahiru. More than you imagine.”

Mahiru said that her love was heavy, but in that case, Amane’s might be heavier. In no way was he intending to let go.

He might let her go with bloody tears if that could ensure Mahiru’s happiness, but he would never leave her otherwise. He always toiled to personally present her with happiness.

He did not intend to escape his responsibilities by dismissing it as being for Mahiru’s sake. He truly wanted to toil for her sake, to live through every day with such brimming emotions.

“My family’s always single-minded, and deeply in love. I guess I’m no exception. Maybe you haven’t felt it, Mahiru, but the heaviness isn’t the kind of wanting to bind someone, but to pour emotions into you. I won’t let you go no matter what. I don’t want you to care for anyone else other than me…so sometimes, I worry if you hate me.”

Amane knew those were some heavy emotions.

It would be too rude towards Mahiru if he was to be frivolous, and that was why he dated her seriously, and intended to confess to her with the intention to be together forward. To others, this surely would seem very heavy.

Despite that, Mahiru smiled happily. Her smile was brimming with happiness and joy.

“I really am blessed to be loved so greatly. Is it not ideal to have someone unwilling to let go of me, and always look at me?”

“Huh, really?”

“Really…I will not let you leave too, Amane-kun, so we are the same. You will not pay attention to others, no?”

There was no way, Amane would do what Mahiru said. Once he nodded, Mahiru smiled happily, and inched her body close.

The pretty face up close had a bubbly smile.

“Shall I leave myself to you, and yourself to me, Amane-kun?”

She muttered passionately, and they closed the distance.

First, their breaths were intertwined, and then, the gap between them was gone, for they stuck close to each other.

Their lips touched, but this mere kiss brought about a fiery heat. The relief and joy formed a sense of comfort, and their hearts naturally seared.

The mere seconds of contact brought about a satisfaction different from a deep kiss. Amane exchanged looks with Mahiru, and they smiled.

So they continued to look at each other, and there was nothing to worry about.

“Good night Amane-kun. Have a good dream.”

“Good night, Mahiru.”

You belong to me, so she seemed to imply as she leaned on him , smiling sweetly. Amane too answered with a calm smile, and gently closed his eyes.