Chapter 264 – The Next Day

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 264 – The Next Day

Once he woke up, Amane found Mahiru in his clutches, looking up at him.

His mind was still a little bit discombobulated as he had just woken up. Why was she here?  And then he remembered that Mahiru stayed over the previous day, only to finally comprehend the situation.

It seemed just like the last time, Mahiru waited for Amane to wake up, and did not leave his clutches.

Once she did notice that Amane woke up, she wriggled into a comfortable position within Amane’s arms and said to him bashfully.

“Good morning, Amane-kun.”

“…Morning. When did you wake up?”

“About ten minutes or so ago. I wanted to lie and relax and see you sleeping soundly, before going to make breakfast.”

“…Is it fun to look at me?”

“Of course. It gives me energy.”

Thanks to that, I am energetic in the morning. So Mahiru said with a lively expression, looking completely satisfied. Amane had an unspeakable itch, so he cuddled her to hide this feeling.

This sudden embrace took Mahiru by surprise, give me some energy, but Amane muttered so, and she became obedient, wrapping her arms around his back, and embraced him

The manner in which Mahiru slowly acted showed that there was still much time, so Amane seized the chance to enjoy her scent, a gentle, warm, refreshing sweet scent. *You really do like to fawn about, *so Mahiru said.

*Whose fault do you think it is? *Amane wanted to retort, but there was no way Mahiru did not know the answer. He said nothing, and continued to cling onto her.

Such a blissful morning caused his eyelids to naturally sink.

Mahiru gently tapped at his back, probably having noticed that his breathing indicated that he was about to sleep.

“Amane-kun, please do not sleep.”

“…I want to skip classes like this and keep sleeping.”

“Is this what the honor student Amane-kun should be saying? Do you really not want to leave the futon? Is this the magic of the futon?”

“More like the magic of Mahiru.”

Mahiru’s existence was a bigger temptation than the futon, and if he remained unchecked, he might skip school entirely while dragging Mahiru down.

And Mahiru, who had that temptation herself, gently sighed, only to snuggle from Amane’s clutches.

“I shall leave then, and you will be free from the spell. Now then, get up and clean up.”

“…I know.”

“I cannot pamper you in all aspects. Now, please get up and wash your face.”

There were times when she should pamper, and times when she should not. Once she saw Amane about to snuggle back into the futon, she pulled the blanket off him.

Amane intended to get up even if she did not do so, but he could only give a wry smile once he saw how delighted Mahiru looked when she woke up him.

(I guess it’ll be nice to have her wake me up like this in the future.)

Amane could wake up punctually if he wanted to, but he felt that since Mahiru would take care of him, it was fine to play around if it was early. He just needed to ensure that he did not cause Mahiru trouble.

He did not want to cause her trouble, but it seemed she liked to care for him, so it should be fine for him to fawn around with her.

He discreetly thought so to himself, and felt a little cold. He got up from the bed and got a change of clothes.

“So what about changing clothes? Do I go to the bathroom first?”

“…Please do. No peeking though?”

“Who’s peeking? I need approval before I will do that anyway, right?”

Even as lovers, they had a relationship of innocence, and did not live together. Amane did not intend to see Mahiru get changed. This was a matter of privacy, and more importantly, his sense of shame at this point overwhelmed him.

If Amane got changed in Mahiru’s presence, Mahiru might end up shriveling, but the reverse would not be the case. Both sides might be murdered.

“D-do you want to look?”

“…I’d be lying if I say I don’t want to look, but I don’t want to ruin your mood, and it’s not good for our sanities early in the morning.

“Th-that is true…”

“You don’t have to show me. It’s not like we have to show everything to each other.”

As a boy, Amane naturally had an inclination to know, but this was not something he should do at this point. He had to gain approval, and more importantly, they should not be doing so early in the morning, since they would be going to school.

I know that, so Amane shrugged. He was about to leave the room, only to hear Mahiru mutter from behind, “This is a virtue of yours, Amane-kun, and yet a frustrating point…”

After they got changed, they enjoyed the breakfast that was mentioned yesterday, dashimaki, grilled salmon with saikyo sauce, various side dishes, miso soup, and white rice. Amane was done, brushed his teeth, and got ready to go to school.

He prepared the textbooks the previous days, and he simply had to put on a tie and a blazer, but his hands stopped as he had a little thought.

“What is it?”

Mahiru quizzed with intrigue once she saw him remain still, as though brooding. Amane then hesitantly handed over the tie in his hand and pin in his hands to Mahiru.

The necktie pin was the birthday present he received the previous day.

Since he had a chance, Amane hoped to entrust her, who gifted him so, with the first moment of putting it on.

“Can you put on my tie?”

He asked hesitantly, and Mahiru blinked a few times, only to then understand his intent, for she beamed, yes, and nodded.

With a polite gesture, she received the tie and pin, knelt down before Amane who was seated on the sofa, and put the tie on his neck.

The method to tie someone else’s tie was different than doing so for oneself, but Mahiru’s process went smoothly. She then picked up the pretty pin with the flower carving, and cautiously, solemnly, put the pin on.

Amane never wore a pin except during the school ceremonies, but this might be why Mahiru chose this for him, and he did not think anything was amiss.

“…Does it suit me?”

“Of course, since I chose it for you, Amane-kun.”

Mahiru smiled with unshakeable belief, and Amane too naturally smiled.

“You have keen eyes after all. It works out well for you.”

“Of course. It is important to notice the details in dressing up.”

“I don’t really need to dress up though, I just want to know if the thing you gave me suits me, Mahiru.”

“It does, please do not worry.”

Sometimes Mahiru would lavish excessive praise on Amane, but she would usually opinionate on appearances in a subjective manner, so it seemed that was fine.

The pin appeared somewhat between the gap of the blazer, but a detail of this level might affect a person’s disposition completely.

He was delighted to wear anything Mahiru chose for him, and naturally, his back straightened. Everything might be due to wanting his thoughts, his deeds, to be befitting of standing next to Mahiru.

“…You really will be dashing once you have some self-confidence, Amane-kun.”

Mahiru giggled as she gently put the blazer onto Amane.

“And what if I don’t?”

“Moreso on the cute side. Some coolness though.”

“Alright, I got lots of things to say, but I’m suave enough now, right?”

“Yes, very.”

“…Enough to stand by your side, Mahiru?”

He never hesitated about standing next to her.

However, there were times when he doubted, worried if others would think he was unfit for that position. He did not think he would back down just because others thought so, but such a notion would still bother him.

He continued to train himself, but he did not know if he could see the effects yet.

Mahiru’s answer was obvious, but Amane had to ask. Goodness, so Mahiru said with bewilderment and patted his cheek.

“It is fine. You are dashing both inside and outside, Amane-kun. I will not allow anyone to badmouth you, but my feelings aside, you are a great person.”

“I see. That’s good…let’s go to school together.”


Amane stood up, reached his hand out, and Mahiru grabbed it without hesitation.

She always conveyed her earnest feelings towards him, and because of this, he could stand next to her with his back upright, and hold her hand, moving forward.

The changes he had till this point were all thanks to Mahiru.

(I’m not letting go)

I’ll make you happy, and never let you go, so he swore once again, smiled gently towards Mahiru, and they left the house together.