Chapter 67 – The Angel and the New School Year

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Chapter 67 – The Angel and the New School Year

Ping’s note: Continues directly after the events of volume 2.

“Quite the group we have this year.”

Itsuki leered away as he stared at the class register, commenting so to Itsuki.

Amane stared at the cluttered namelist, and found himself in the same class as Itsuki, Chitose and Mahiru. Kadowaki too was in their class. This class had both the Prince and the Angel.

“We’re in the same class as Shiina-san!” “I’m in the same class as the Prince!” He could hear such shrill and deep voices that did not seem to be directed at anyone in particular.

Perhaps it was because Mahiru and Amane were in the same class, that Itsuki was grinning.

“This is going to be one noisy class, huh?”

Amane did not want to be teased by Itsuki, and replied thusly before heading towards the classroom. Itsuki followed with a wry grin.

Amane felt it was a good thing Itsuki was in class, but he felt certain he would be laughed at, so he kept mum. Itsuki was one who would get too ahead upon being praised, and Amane decided to change the subject by saying a few words.

They entered the classroom, and found the Angel and Prince already surrounded by many. Amane could only chuckle at this scene.

They’re as popular as usual, Itsuki too chuckled next to him. Kadowaki seemed to have noticed the two enter the classroom, and showed the usual hearty smile.

“Yo, guess I’m in the same class as you this year.”

“Guess we’re in the same class as you this year, Yuuta. Three straight years if we include middle school.”

“That happened?”

“Yep. We’re in the same middle school.”

Amane already felt they were rather close. That would explain why.

“Please look after me this year too, Fujimiya.”


Kadowaki was friendly to anyone, and could smile to Amane, even though they were nothing more than acquaintances. Is this the secret to being popular…so Amane wondered.

Feeling speechless and amazed, he answered thusly to Kadowaki, who remained unperturbed despite the crowd around him, and sat at his assigned seat.

He did not look towards Mahiru.

After all, he did not want to look guilty. She was surrounded by many boys and girls, and had no time to deal with him.

Surely Mahiru never noticed Amane, and Amane did not have to do anything much.

“Morning~! We’re in the same class~!”

Amane was checking if he missed anything in his submitted documents, and Chitose, who had overslept, showed up.

He felt his gut wince, for Chitose and Itsuki were in the same class, and the days ahead would surely be rowdy.

“Morning. You didn’t show up with Itsuki today?”

“Nn, I overslept~. Well~ I just forgot about this new semester, so mom woke me up~. Where’s Ikkun?”

“At the vending machine.”

“OK~ I’ll get him to buy some milk tea. Ah Mahirun Mahirun! We’re in the same class, please take care of me!”

The utterly fearless Chitose waved away at Mahiru, and attacked the latter who was in the middle of the crowd.

The nickname Mahirun had everyone stunned, but Mahiru herself naturally accepted it, giving the angelic smile in the process. Once everyone realized that Chitose was allowed to to call her that, they gave envious looks.

“Let’s hurry and get some crepes when we go home today!  The stall at the station has some nice one!”

“If you do not mind, please allow me to join you.”

Perhaps it was just Amane overthinking it, but he sensed Mahiru giving him a glance. He felt there was no need for her to seek his permission all the time however, that she should go if she wanted to. After all, Amane had no right or intention to stop her; he hoped she could go along with what she wanted.

He could simply drop by at the fast food restaurant or the convenience store for lunch.

Also, he was relieved to see that Mahiru was interacting with such good-natured friends.

He felt Chitose was really of great help, and hoped Chitose would bring Mahiru out, since the latter never actually had fun with others. He wanted Mahiru to enjoy herself, to go visit places without being worn out.

Perhaps Mahiru was the one who benefited most from being Chitose’s classmate.

Despite being pressured by Chitose, Mahiru appeared to be enjoying herself as she smiled, and Amane too showed a little smile.