Chapter 68 – The Angel and the Lap Pillow (no extra service)

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 68 – The Angel and the Lap Pillow (no extra service)

” I never thought we would be in the same class.”

It was after dinner when Amane commented while lazing around on the sofa like usual. “Yes.” Mahiru smiled as she sat next to him.

They were being very close to each other, and Amane’s heart raced for some reason. However, Mahiru did not show such a reaction; perhaps she had no thoughts about this.

“I am happy too. Chitose-san will be with us.”

“It’ll be noisy with her around.”

“Yes. It does seem like a fun year.”

“I think the class will be really noisy though. We’ll have the Angel, the Prince, and the idiot couple that’s Itsuki and Chitose. For good or bad, we have all the attention here.”

The Angel and the Prince were very popular with both boys and girls. Those of the same genders were somewhat envious at them, but the popularity arising from their outstanding appearances, abilities and personalities  heavily outweighed them.

The couple Itsuki and Chitose too were famous throughout the entire school year. It happened because they were often fooling around in school, and also because they had decent appearances, and garnered much attention.

Also, they were the moodmakers of their classes, and were extremely popular among the students.

With them around, all the attention would be centered upon this class, and the homeroom teacher would have much trouble. The quartet themselves were fine, but there would surely be chaos. That teacher would have to be mentally prepared.

“…You dislike it, Amane-kun?”

“Not really. It looks like you guys will be happy.”

“Are you not thinking about joining in?”

“Me? I just want to spend my time normally. Probably chit-chat with Itsuki, but if nothing’s going on, I’ll probably talk to you or Kadowaki. I don’t really interact with you outside, so if we suddenly do, there’s going to be lots of suspicions.”

As a guy, Amane could possibly have some interaction with Kadowaki. It would be impossible if it was Mahiru however, for she was the prettiest girl in school.

He did not want to be deemed a shameless fool chasing after her just because they talked.

And thus, he did not want to talk to her.

Despite that, Mahiru pursed her lips, looking displeased. Amane showed a wry smile, not knowing what to do.

“Why are you unhappy?”


Surely there was something, but Amane knew she was in a bad mood, so he patted her head.

“…You are not trying to throw me off by patting my back, no?”

“…Not at all.”

“But I am rather happy. I shall let you off for today.”


It seemed Mahiru had been sufficiently coaxed.

She looked relaxed after Amane patted her on the head, as though she was eating sweet honey. Amane found it difficult to stare at her.

The blissful emotions was conveyed through her face, and he felt happy yet ashamed, unable to calm down.

“You really like headpats, huh?”

Only recently did Amane learn that Mahiru really liked to be headpatted by Amane.

“Amane-kun, you hand is warm. it feels comforting.”

“Well, I’m warmer.”

“…I want you to pat me more.”

“Don’t say such things that’ll cause misunderstandings. Alright, as you wish.”

Anyone else would have misconstrued it as something dangerous, an invitation for him to touch her elsewhere. He warned her as he patted her head.

He could smell a really pleasant scent, perhaps because she had just bathed. Truth be told, he could not hide the throbbing in his heart completely, but he combed her hair carefully, ensuring that she did not notice his heartbeat.

His heart throbbed faster when he thought of how he was the only one allowed to pat her. However, he really could not say so to her.

He continued to pat her, and she looked really relaxed, sometimes showing a giddy look. She suddenly looked towards his face, as though contemplating something.


“I want to pat your head too.”

“What’s fun about patting a boy’s head?”

“It looks fun, I suppose. I think it will be fun to pat you on the head.”

“Am I a toy…well, I’m fine with that, but it’s not fun or anything.”

Amane’s hair was rather smooth, but it was far from Mahiru’s. There was no denying that his hair would feel rugged compared to her.

Since she still wanted to pat his head, and Amane would not lose anything, there was no reason for him to refuse. He stopped patting her, and said, “Go ahead.” Mahiru patted her thighs.


“I think your neck will hurt given the difference in height and posture, Amane-kun…or do you wish to embrace me like the last time?”

“No, the thighs are fine.”

If Mahiru was to embrace Amane, his face would be buried in the motherly place, so he had to refuse.

While he found that proposition to be really attractive, he would be scorned if he said so, and chose to remain silent.

In fact, he should be refusing with all his might.

He was faced with these choices, and able to experience a posture any boy would have dreamed of. His desire to not miss out on this opportunity overtook his sanity, and he agreed.

Is that okay? He gave her such a look, but she slapped the thighs beneath her miniskirt, as though prompting him. Amane could only lie on the sofa apprehensively, and put his head on her thighs.

Mahiru’s legs were thin, and soft in the right places.

Her muscles were rather supple instead of defined. He could feel a feminine softness of the taut legs through the fabric. To put it, it felt really good.

There was also a lingering sweet smell. It was magical.

He might see something incredible if he looked up, but he would lose all self-control if he did so. He restrained himself by turning away from Mahiru obediently.

Mahiru never noticed how rattled Amane was, and her little palm patted his hair.

Her fine fingers combed through his hair.

The inside of her fingers stroked gently past the skin, and it felt really comfortable. While it was a far cry from the relaxed smile on Mahiru’s face, he did feel like smiling. Truth be told, he felt so comfortable, he had the urge to sleep.

In contrast, Mahiru was acting a lot gentler. She continued to pat and comb, and while he did not know what expression she was making, it seemed she was really enjoying it.

“I heard from Chitose-san that a lap pillow is a man’s romance. What do you think, Amane-kun?”

“…Chitose’s the one who did this unnecessary stuff?”

“How is it?”

“That’s nice.”

While he had the urge to give Chitose a thumbs up, he would feel ashamed, even if he did not express his true thoughts.

If she continued to comb, he would surely fall asleep.

Having changed classes for the new year, he was mentally worn out from having to do the customary self-introductions and talking with strangers and so on. He was certain that he would fall asleep if he continued to be coddled.

“I see. I do not know if you will be happy, given that there is no extra service. I think it is fine since you are happy however.”

“…Extra service?”

“It will be better if I am to dig your ears. I shall do so next time.”

*What in the world did Chitose teach her!?

Surely Chitose taught her unnecessary.

“N-no, that’s enough. A lap’s.”

“You dislike it?”

“…I’m happy about this though.”

“Thank goodness.”

He could not look behind, but he could sense her smiling.

The fingers continued to comb through his hair, seemingly prompting him to sleep. Well, whatever, Amane was in such a mood, and closed his eyes as he experienced the looming comfort.