Chapter 75 – Lunch with the Angel

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 75 – Lunch with the Angel

“Amane~, let’s eat together today~”

Amane saw Chitose leer away as she brought Mahiru over, and his face twitched when he recalled Mahiru’s words days ago, I have my solution.

It was true however that Chitose could to bring Mahiru along under the pretext of eating together with Itsuki. There would be some jealousy around them, but that should not be cause for suspicion.

Mahiru was pulled over by the hand, showing her usual angelic self with a smile on her face.

It might have been Amane’s imagination, but she seemed delighted to have accomplished her goal, and he had the urge to cup his head.

“Ah, do I sit here?”

“Please do not say so. It is my suggestion to sit with you, please do not mind.”

You cannot run away. Mahiru was clearly implying so.

Chitose had agreed to do this with Mahiru…or rather, Amane had the feeling that it was Chitose’s idea. He glared at Chitose, who was grinning, or rather, leering away, yet she tried to whistle elsewhere.

Itsuki might have been informed by Mahiru, or perhaps he was delighted to be able to eat with Chitose, “Why don’t we eat together?” He gave the usual hearty smile.

While Amane had agreed to it days ago, the envious looks around them had him on tenterhooks.

“Eh, you’re intending to have lunch together, Shirakawa-san and Shiina-san?”

It appeared Kadowaki too wanted to join in, and his sudden appearance had Amane’s gut wincing slightly.

“I do have such intentions.”

“I see. That makes things interesting, huh?”

Kadowaki noted nonchalantly, but Amane did not think it was an appropriate time for things to get interesting.

Kadowaki did not look opposed to this, and instead, was merely surprised that Mahiru would be joining them for lunch.

Amane had nowhere to escape.

“…Just give up Amane. You’re surrounded.”

Itsuki whispered softly such that Kadowaki could not hear, and Amane could only let out a long, lethargic sigh.

“You brought a bento, Mahiru-san?”

Amane and Itsuki usually ate at the cafeteria, so Mahiru and Chitose, who usually ate at the classroom, went along.

The boys bought their lunch, sat down at their usual seats, and Kadowaki noticed Mahiru brought a bento.

Just to note, Mahiru was seated directly opposite Amane. Chitose had prompted Mahiru to sit there, giving Amane no chance to escape.

“Nn, it is dinner leftovers though.”

Part of the dinner leftovers were used to make Amane’s breakfast, and sometimes, Mahiru would take some for her bento, which she probably did on this day. In fact, the bento box was filled with teriyaki chicken balls from yesterday’s dinner.

“Eh? You made it?”

“Yes. It is not something impressive however.”

“You shouldn’t lie, Mahirun~ Aren’t you good at cooking?”

“How about you take cooking lessons from Shiina-san, Chii?”

“You’re cruel, Ikkun.”

“Shiina-san, you just need to teach Chii how to flavor. She can cook at least…but she’ll always make the flavors weird.”

Chitose was in no way incapable of cooking, but she always had the urge to try out new, fancy flavors, and ended up with a whack sense of taste. Will be great if she doesn’t have such a habit, even Itsuki too often commented.

“Mahirun, hold a personal cooking class with me~ I’ll get Amane to taste for poison.”

“Hey, what do you mean poison!? That’ll cause Shiina trouble out of a sudden, right?”

“Nn, I do not think it is a hassle. It does sound interesting to cook with Chitose-san.”

“Wahhh I love you Mahirun! Looking forward to it~! Make sure you have time for this, Amane~!”

Chitose sat next to Mahiru, and clung onto the latter with a beaming face.

Mahiru too smiled as she accepted this outcome. Amane in turn noted how they were on such good terms―only to realize something.

Did I get invited out for a date in front of everyone?

Amane looked towards Chitose, who continued to chat happily with Mahiru. He had no idea if it was Chitose’s trap, or just a coincidence.

However, all the peers around them had pricked their eyes, and when Amane met them in the eyes, there was an unspeakable jealousy from them, which caused his face to cringe.

“Say Itsuki.”


“I feel like I’m going to get slaughtered. Is this really alright?”

“It’s fine. Sorta.”

Amane really could not calm down when he was glared at by Mahiru’s fans, the boys who hoped to woo her.

They did not unleash any murderous intent towards Amane, since it was Chitose who started it. It would be scary if Mahiru herself said anything after they got along openly. “Why him…” that would be the first thing that would think,

“Isn’t that fine, Fujimiya?”

“…I wouldn’t be so envied if I’m like you.”

If it had been Kadowaki, a multi-talented handsome chap who was a match for Mahiru, the others would know their place and retreat no matter how jealous they might appear.

“I’m rather jealous of you though, Fujimiya.”

“What’s there to be jealous?”

“Lots of it.”

Kadowaki gave a wry smile as his words hinted at something, but Amane had no idea what it was.

“Well, I can somewhat understand what Yuuta’s thinking.”


“People often have treasures they don’t know of, and desire things they can never get. Chii often has things she can’t get.”


“Like something Shiina-san has that Chii doesn’t…”

“You’re thinking something weird there right, Ikkun?”

It appeared Chitose heard Itsuki’s words, for her face had a bright smile, but there was no smile in her eyes.

Amane sensed that Itsuki had just stepped on a landmine, and watched their intimate interaction unfold, before glancing towards Mahiru.

Mahiru looked a little confused when Itsuki and Chitose started their lovers’ spat, but once her eyes met Amane, she smiled.

Shown in those eyes were not the angelic smile, but a smile more akin to the bashful one at home, and Amane too averted his eyes bashfully.