Chapter 76 – The Angel wants to work hard

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 76 – The Angel wants to work hard

“Were you shocked?”

Amane saw Mahiru give an impish smile at his own place, and smiled wryly.

“More than shocked, I want to say, you’re really enthusiastic.”

“Recently, I am starting to realize that I have to be a little forceful towards you, Amane-kun.”


Mahiru was so enthusiastic. for she knew Amane would try to run away. However, he never could as there was a perimeter around him.

Amane was shocked as he never expected Mahiru to take the initiative. He was relieved for the time being, for she merely talked to him, and not enact any skinship.

If Mahiru did that innocent skinship as she would do at his house without any self-aware, blades of jealousy would be flying at Amane. Mahiru probably relied on Amane as she found him most reliable, but the people around them might not feel this way.

“I shall work hard without affecting your life, Amane-kun. If anything happens, please tell me.”

Mahiru knew of the effect she had, and it appeared she would try not to approach Amane too suddenly.

Amane felt that she was being too sudden, but he remained silent.

“I’m fine for now, though there are some envious looks.”

“I see. Erm…do you dislike i-it if I talk to you at school…?”

It seemed she was still concerned about Amane’s initial unwillingness.

“Well, not really. I know you’re scared of loneliness. I can’t just leave my friend aside, and you’re tired too, right, Mahiru?”


“No, nothing.”

Amane was curious to know why Mahiru’s face changed from uneasiness to displeasure, but it appeared she had no intention to talk.

Mahiru turned her head aside, and Amane, having sensed that her mood was ruined, started to pat her head.

“…Please do not think that you can solve everything with headpats.”

“Nope, but I think you will be happy.”

“It is the case…but please do not try to fool others with this.”

“I won’t do this to anyone other than you…”

Ultimately, the only girl Amane was on good terms with was Chitose, but there was no way he could do that to her, and he did not think she would be happy.

Also, Amane would only do that to Mahiru, and did not want to do so to anyone else. He wanted to dote on Mahiru, and never planned to do so to anyone else.

While he was serious in what he just said, Mahiru had her head lowered as she whacked Amane with the cushion. It appeared those words did not improve her mood.

Amane thought it might be good to stop, and did so, but Mahiru headbutted his elbow.

It did not hurt at all, but he started to feel skeptical, for Mahiru had been aggressive recently.

“…Amane-kun no baka.”

“What now?”

“How hard do I have to work…”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying, but you’ll be worn out if you work too hard, so keep it in moderation…”

“This is something I can only achieve by working hard.”

Mahiru lifted her head towards Amane, her vengeful eyes looking beyond his shoulder, yet bashful and somewhat expectant.

The moist eyes were up close, and Amane’s eyes started to waver.

“So, what do you want me to do for now, Mahiru?”

“…First, continue with the headpats.”

The word ‘first’ would imply that she had other things she wanted him to do, but it appeared she had no requests for the time being, so Amane again patted Mahiru on the head, trying his best to coax her.