Chapter 78 – The Angel’s cooking class

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 78 – The Angel’s cooking class

“Mahirun’s first cooking class~!”

It sounded like there was a BGM of some cooking show lasting a few minutes when Chitose declared that, and Amane never concealed his disdain as he looked at her.

They had Mahiru’s cooking lesson on the first day of Golden Week, at Amane’s place.

The reason was that it was a place convenient for Mahiru and Chitose to gather, and a place Amane could enter.

Chitose had her parents around, and she could not make much noise. Amane himself was unwilling to enter Mahiru’s place. The only choice left was his place.

“Yay~” Chitose got agitated as she put on the apron. Mahiru smiled wryly as she put on her apron.

“Please welcome our teacher for the day Mahiru Shiina-san!”

“Like hell you’re welcomed. You’re the one who got invited here.”

“And here we have our poison…guest, I invited. The very picky eater Amane Fujimiya-san!”

“Shut up. This is my house anyway.”

“You’re ruining the mood.”

Early in the morning, Amane was not as lively as Chitose.

It was just past 9am.

Everyone chose this time, so that they could have lunch after the cooking class ended.

The timing itself was not an issue, but Amane had difficulty dealing with Chitose’s upbeat mood as he had just woken up.

“…Sorry. It is early in the morning.”

“No no it’s fine. I get to eat your cooking after all. More important, watch out for Chitose and make sure she doesn’t add in weird stuff.”

“You really distrust me, huh?”

“Did you forget what you did for Valentine’s?”

Amane could never forget her pranking him with that chocolate.

Of course, the normal ones were fine, but that the jackpot and the eccentric flavors certainly were so shocking, Amane had vivid memories of them.

Chitose said they were edible, so her taste buds were not too reliable.

“Ahaha, it’s a prank after all. I should be fine if I cook normally, probably.”

“That probably at the end makes me worry, okay. Idiot…please make something I can eat.”

“Okay, got it.”

*Leave it to me~ *Chitose rolled her sleeves as she said confidently. Amane was unnerved by her, but he believed that Mahiru should be able to sort her out, so he decided to watch them silently.

Mahiru would never compromise on whatever was to be served for consumption. Since it was a cooking class, she would devote herself to cook normal food. They should be fine.

She led Chitose into the kitchen she was well familiar with. The dishes’ names were probably the menu for the day

Just to note, they were going to make quiche with salad, prawn bisque, and the remainder to be sauteed. It probably was to satisfy how Amane wanted to eat his prawns.

It probably would not be weird in any way, but Amane worried that Chitose might add strange stuff into the quiche.

“…I have a feeling someone has been doubting me…”

Chitose gave a displeased look, for she probably noticed Amane’s skeptical look. Amane then looked away from her, and sat on the sofa.

To be honest, Amane had nothing to do. He was invited here as the poison tester…his own house.

Amane himself could cook if Mahiru was helping, but it was Chitose’s turn to cook. Amane could not move as Mahiru had asked him to to sit.

Thus, Amane was bored.

He looked towards the kitchen, as saw the two girls in aprons talk intimately as they began cooking.

They had different body sizes, but they were pretty girls, and they were in his house, cooking. Any boy will find it a tantalizing proposition, so he thought as he listlessly looked over at them.

*Will that prankster of a cat do anything?  *Once again, he was griped by uneasiness, but as he was really bored, he slowly closed his eyes.

It would take a few hours, and he should be fine with a little nap. After all, it was his house, and the only one who would scold him…was Mahiru.

Haaa. Amane yawned, and leaned his body onto the sofa.