Chapter 79 – The Angel and the Little Devil

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 79 – The Angel and the Little Devil

By the time he realized it, Amane had a whiff of sweet scent.

It was a familiar scent, one unspeakably sweet, like milk and flowers. It was a comforting smell, and Amane unwittingly inhaled lots of it.

In his hazy consciousness, he brought his face close to the source of that scent, and felt a warm, soft feeling.

The feeling of skin was comfortable to feel. Amane brought his face close to enjoy it, only to feel it shaking.

“…E-erm, it is very itchy…”

He heard a perturbed soft voice next to him, and felt his legs slapped on.

His hazy consciousness started to awaken as he opened his heavy eyelids…the silky milky color appeared in his eyes.

He looked up timidly, and within inches was Mahiru’s perturbed, bashful face.



“…Good morning.”

“Good morning…but it is now noon.”

Amane had a look at the digital clock on the shelf. It was past noon.

He realized he had slept for a long time, but he had no idea why Mahiru was next to him.

“I sat next to you, and you leaned over.”

Mahiru answered as though she was answering his question, and her face reddened slightly.

It seemed Amane had buried his face near Mahiru’s shoulder. Her collar was a little opened, which exposed some skin.

This might have been a case of sexual harassment, so Amane hoped she would scold him if she got angry. She instead lowered her eyes bashfully.

He hoped she would be angry, but given her reaction, he was left troubled. He felt like he was forgiven, and it did not feel relieving to him.

“Erm, sorry for making your uncomfortable.”

“No-not at all!”

“I think Mahirun’s seeing it as ‘Amane-kun’s sleepy and fawning over me’.”


Chitose appeared to be watching from afar, and she was grinning, or rather, leering as she quipped, leaving Mahiru’s face all the redder.

“Say, when did you two start calling each other by name?”


“Don’t glare at me. You’re the careless one here, right?”

Amane could only shut up.

He had fallen asleep, and let his guard down. He called Mahiru by her given name despite Chitose being around. It was his carelessness.

“But I heard from Mahirun. I already know you two address each other by name.”

“Say, you.”


“No, I’m not blaming you, Mahiru.”

Mahiru misunderstood that Amane was reproaching her for accidentally blurting this, and hastily shook her head. Chitose grinned away, looking really happy.

“Well for me, I’m happy that Mahirun and Amane are getting along, you know? It’s not a bad thing.”

“You’re thinking too much. It’s not what you think.”



“Nothing nothing~ nothing at all~”

Chitose said it was fine, but actually, she was seemingly hesitant to talk. He did not intend to express herself in words however, and merely shrugged.

It was futile to pursue the matter.

Next to him, Mahiru lowered her eyebrows slightly.


“Ah, no, it is nothing.”

Once Amane spoke to her, she seemingly reeled back as she hastily smiled, and shook her head. Amane could not ask any further, and kept quiet.

“…We are done preparing lunch. You will eat it, I suppose?”

“Of course I will, but seriously, I slept till noon…?”

“A long time did pass? We had time to see your sleeping face.”

“…You didn’t prank me, right?”

“Of course we didn’t~”

Chitose insisted that they never pranked him, but Amane could not really believe her, probably because of her usual antics.

“What’s with you, boy?”

“You did something else?”

“Nothing~? I did nothing at all~”

“You serious? Mahiru, this fellow didn’t do anything?”

He looked towards Mahiru for confirmation, and the latter lowered her eyebrows, showing a wry smile as the conversation was suddenly directed at her.

“Chitose-san really did not do anything…”

“I see. If she did anything, I wanted to twist my fists on her temples.”

“No violence~!”

Chitose said while laughing away. Amane could only sigh speechlessly.

It was finally lunchtime, but as Amane had fallen asleep, it did not feel that much time had passed.

Chitose appeared to have done it properly this time, and there was salad, quiche, bisque and sauteed prawns. The vibrant colors put together resembled a lunch at a cafe.

“Ahh, looks good…how is the taste, Mahiru.”

“It is fine. Nothing strange was added. I tasted it.”

“That’s good.”

“You’re the overthinking one, seriously~. I did cook them properly together~”

*You’re being rude, *Chitose noted angrily, but it was no wonder Amane was somewhat suspicious of her when she would say one thing and take him by surprise in another.

He could eat with ease however, since Mahiru was supervising.

“Ah, the quiche is from Mahiru. I made Ikkun’s share.”

“You’re dumping the whole thing to him…”

“I made it the size of a palm. It’s fine. Hehe~ I wonder if Ikkun will be happy.”

Chitose grinned happily, and Mahiru smiled at her.

Chitose was a girl who cared for her boyfriend, mischievous streak aside. Amane felt a warmness in his heart as he thought of how Itsuki got a good girlfriend.

However, she had a tendency of overdoing things, and it was still a little dangerous to thoroughly trust her.

Chitose grinned away, and Amane smiled, clapping his hands together as he looked at the dish prepared before him.

“Then, itadakimasu.”

“Please do. Enjoy the food~”

*She’s really a girl after all. *A bashful Chitose too was quite attractive.