Chapter 94 – Reward for the tests

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 94 – Reward for the tests

“Say Mahiru. Itsuki and Kadowaki are having a study group at my place next Saturday. You fine with that?”

After dinner, Amane and Mahiru brought the dishes to the basin when he suddenly asked her, seemingly having recalled something.

Amane was going to focus and study hard for this exam. In the meantime, he asked if Itsuki and Kadowaki could join.

On a side note, Itsuki could get good grades if he studied well, but his grades were average otherwise. Kadowaki was an all-rounder who excelled at studies. He was athletic, had the looks, and was no slouch in studies either. Anyone would take their hat off for him.

Amane was fine with opening a study group, since their presence would not affect him…but he was starting to worry about Mahiru’s thoughts, given that she would be cooking.

“I am fine. Shall I cook for everyone?”

“I guess. Thanks for doing this much…but are you okay with that?”

“It is just an increase in portion. That should be fine…may I join too?”

“If you don’t mind…maybe you can invite Chitose along too? I don’t know if she’s free though. I’m not sure if she’ll study for real.”

Chitose was not really a serious person. She could study at least, but she was not particularly smart.

At the very least, Amane could not imagine her studying seriously.

“That will not be a problem…I have invited her.”


“No, she said, * dad will tell me off if I don’t score well for the tests this time~, *so I did have plans to study with Chitose-san this Saturday.”

“Wait, was he aiming for Chitose to begin with?”

Itsuki was the one who suggested this study group, and Amane suspected that he did so knowing that Chitose made such arrangements.

These guys, Amane noted wryly as he washed the stained plates with hot water. Mahiru too smiled as she put the cooled leftovers into the lunch box.

“I guess. Even if that’s the case, this study group will be really lively.”

“You don’t mind the noise Mahiru?”

“I am fine. I do normally study after all, so I am not that worried.”

Amane knew that Mahiru could say such words easily due to the hard work she usually put in. He did not have much thought about it.

He was however curious as to how she was able to study so efficiently.

“Say Mahiru, can I see your notes later?”

“Of course. Your notes are pretty too, Amane-kun.”

“Well, I think they’re decent there, but I want to see the notes of our valedictorian.”

“There is nothing much to look forward to.”

Mahiru giggled as she put the leftovers into the bridge.

The dinner put into the fridge was to be Amane’s breakfast the next day, and as Amane washed the dishes, he quietly worshiped Mahiru. Amane’s dinner and breakfast were cooked by Mahiru, and he ended up eating and living healthily every day.

“Amane-kun, you are working hard for these tests.”

“Hm, part of increasing my own confidence. Since I want to do it, I should go all out.”

“I see…shall I give you some motivation?”


“If you manage to get into the top 10, I shall give you a lap pillow and dig your ears, Amane-kun. You slept soundly the last time, so I suppose you really enjoy it.”

*I do not know if this is a reward however, *Mahiru said with a smile. This is a great reward, Amane thought to himself as he washed the dishes.

What is she saying now, he wondered, but he could not resist the charm of the lap pillow. Even if he wanted to refuse, “If you do not want it, I suppose we can pass on it.” Mahiru ended up commenting sadly, and Amane instinctively answered “I’ll take your word for it then”.

He was a little disgusted with how he was too honest with his desires, “It is a promise then.” but Mahiru smiled somewhat bashfully. Amane easily lost to his desire and accepted this.