Chapter 95 – Angel and the Study Group

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 95 – Angel and the Study Group

“Pardon our intrusion.”

It was around 10am or so on the Saturday right before the tests. Itsuki, Chitose and Kadowaki arrived right on time. They greeted in unison, and entered through the entrance.

Their middle schools were all in the same area, so they met up before arriving. The main reason was that Kadowaki did not know where Amane lived, but another reason was that they were all on good terms.

“Oh, welcome.”

“Where’s Mahirun?”

“She’s preparing lunch in the kitchen.”

Mahiru arrived earlier at Amane’s place, and was preparing lunch. She went ahead to prepare serving the others, as she did not have to rush with her studies.

On a side note, she was cooking roast beef. Once preparations were done, she would leave the beef to set, and they should be able to enjoy some sufficiently tender beef for lunch.

“…She’s so used to it huh…”

“Shut up.”

“She’s like a newlywed wife welcoming your colleagues.”

“I’m not giving you breakfast if you say anymore.”

“No~! I want to eat Mahirun’s cooking~!”

*What nonsense are you saying? * Amane cursed, and looked at Kadowaki, finding the latter staring at him somewhat dumbfoundedly.


“…Nothing. It’s just that, Shiina-san so naturally shows up at your place, Fujimiya.”

“…I don’t have a choice. She’s always been cooking for me.”

Amane turned his head aside, and found Itsuki giggling while covering his mouth. Amane was reminded of his mother’s smile, and was frustrated. He gently kicked at Itsuki’s calf.

“Welcome everyone…ah, is something wrong with Akazawa-san?”

“Don’t worry.”

Mahiru was probably worried to see Itsuki’s mysterious smile, but that worry was redundant, and Amane hoped she would not mind.

Despite being skeptical, it appeared she had nothing to worry about, and showed her usual smile. “Please proceed to the living room. I have some things to prepare.” the apron fluttered as she turned to return to the kitchen.

“She looks like a newlywed.” Itsuki muttered as he witnessed that back. This time, Amane slapped him in the back.

“Let us begin studying then.”

After preparing lunch, Mahiru served tea, and sat next to Amane. As for why she was sitting next to Amane, that was due to the other trio’s plotting.


“Erm, what do you not understand, Chitose-san? This is mathematics, I guess?”



“Chii’s bad at maths. Best she can do is pass.”

Chitose could study, but she was not exactly capable of it. She was rather bad at mathematics, and somehow, would miraculously avoid failing.

Mahiru’s face twitched the moment she heard ‘everything’. Nevertheless, it was to be expected that Chitose really did not understand. Luckily, she had some fundamentals.

“She can’t handle applied problems. The best way is to teach her how to apply formulas to them.”

“Is she fine with formulas?”

“…Should be?”

“More or less.”

Amane sensed that Chitose still had issued, and hoped Mahiru would start teaching her from there. Chitose was not dumb in any way, but she could not solve them as she did not know how to apply. She should be capable of getting some marks once she understood those.

“Anyway Itsuki, put in some effort.”


“Don’t pull a fast one on me by laughing. Study.”

What does he think a study group is for?”

“Yuuta~ Amane’s so strict~”

“It’s about time you get serious, Itsuki.”

Kadowaki refused to help with a hearty smile, and Itsuki dropped his shoulders, looking devastated.

Kadowaki had opened his textbooks and notes, and was studying diligently. Amane hoped that both Itsuki and Chitose would learn from him.

On a side note, Kadowaki had no particular weak subjects, and was an outstanding boy with above average scores.

Amane too had no weak subjects. All he had to do was to memorize and apply what he studied.

He left Chitose’s tuition to Mahiru, and looked at the world history textbook he had prepared for himself.